With the country's largest inventory of light gauge stainless steel, Brown Metals can fill your order to your exact specifications in a week or less. From just a few pounds to thousands of pounds, we can get you the material you need right on time and just the way you need it. Let Brown Metals take care of your stainless steel needs with our incredible selection of light gauge stainless steel.





Sometimes, coil just doesn't cut it and you need sheet. At Brown Metals, we do everything to YOUR desired needs. 24" x 120"? Only if that's what you really want. Do you really need 5" x 14.280"? Sure, we can do that or any other dimensions you prefer. Don't settle for "standard sheet" when you really need custom sheet. And by the way, we make it more cost effective by doing it your way!





Custom sizes also need custom packaging. We package our products to your specifications to ensure safe delivery to your facility. Custom box or skid sizes are standard at Brown Metals. We package the way you want at no extra cost. This is just a way we contribute to a lower overall cost in your production.






At Brown Metals, we bring most of our inventory in at 36" wide. Some light gauges are only available at 24". Please inquire with us regarding your precise needs. Brown Metals provides wide coil for your most difficult applications. Whether you are in the stencil industry,making bellows or just have an application that needs wide, flat stock, Brown Metals can supply exactly what you need. Don't settle for "commercial quality" when Brown Metals can deliver the best quality in the country at the most competitive price.


You need it how narrow? You need an extremely tight tolerance? Why have you not contacted us sooner? Brown Metals is the industry leader in light gauge slit coil. No company has more experienced slitter operators than Brown Metals. Extreme tight tolerances are our specialty. Do you need +/- 001” on your width? Well, it’s more than likely we can meet your needs. Give us a call or send us an email with your next inquiry.



Brown Metals Company: Custom Quality You Can Depend On!

  • What is a material surcharge?

    Shortages of particular raw materials, such as Nickel, create price fluctuations in the marketplace. As the prices of these raw materials increase, stainless steel producers levy surcharges in order to recover these additional costs. Instead of adjusting existing pricing or contractual agreements, these costs are passed on as surcharges.

  • How does Brown Metals Company calculate surcharges?

    Surcharges are derived directly from the Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corp. website. They are rounded to the nearest cent.

  • Which surcharge applies to my order?

    Surcharge takes effect at the time of shipment. If your order is placed in January, but shipped in February, then the February surcharge would be the amount applied to your order.

  • Which 302 / 304 surcharge does Brown Metals Company use?

    Surcharges are assessed based on the percentage of raw materials contained in the stainless steel product. Almost all 302 / 304 material sold by Brown Metals Company contains a 9% minimum Nickel content. Because the Nickel content is 9%, Brown Metals Company uses the 304 9% surcharge listed on the Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corp. website.

  • How does Brown Metals Company assess surcharges?

    Surcharges are listed as a separate line item on your invoice. This allows us to maintain an accurate sales price history in our computer system. If you would prefer to have the surcharge added to the sales price and displayed in one line item, please inform your Brown Metals Company customer service representative. We are happy to accommodate your request.

  • When will surcharges go away?

    It's difficult to say. The price fluctuations in the raw materials used to make stainless steel determine whether surcharges are assessed. As long as the prices of these raw materials stay above the base level price, surcharges will continue to be levied. Currently, the base level for Nickel is $2.00 per pound. For the current market price of Nickel, please see the next question. In addition, this memo from Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corp. lists the base prices of Chromium, Nickel, and Molybdenum [].

  • Where can I find today's price of Nickel? lists the current market price of Nickel as well as prices for other raw materials

Quality is something every business strives to achieve, but not every business has what it takes to keep quality levels high across every portion of their business. Quality might be lacking in one specific department or quality could be lacking throughout the entire business structure. Here at Brown Metals Company we strive to achieve the highest levels of quality throughout our entire business structure.

ISO 9001 Certification
One of the ways we let our customers know they can only expect the highest quality from our business is our ISO 9001:2008 certification. This certification ensures that our business has met or exceeded criteria for a quality management system.

This standardized system addresses several key quality management principles that ultimately benefit our customers. These outstanding quality management principles address the following:

  • Strong Focus on Customer Service
  • High quality standards on every level including upper management positions.
  • Continued improvement        
  • A factual approach towards decision making

Our business was audited and was determined to meet or exceed the requirements needed to obtain ISO 9001:2008 certification. Our ISO 9001:2008 certificate number is: 74 300 9667. A copy of the certificate can be found at the following web address:

What Does This Mean for Our Customers?
ISO 9001:2008 certification is not something we take lightly. We are dedicated to making our customers happy by providing them with the best possible quality we can. Our ISO 9001:2008 certification proves this fact.

Taking Quality Levels One Step Higher
One of the major ISO 9001:2008 principles deals with continuing to improve on every available level. We are doing just that by pursuing compliance to the AS9100 specification as well. This certification process requires a much higher level of quality in our business. The end results are better business practices that benefit our customers.

We are very proud of our high standards and excellent quality levels and we continue to improve them all on every level possible.

The European Union has worked hard to ensure that chemicals deemed a risk are not being used in manufacturing of products on an industrial level as well as products used on a day to day consumer level . These chemicals could have an adverse affect on both our environment and human health. Prohibiting these harmful chemical substances from use is a top priority and that is why the European Union has chosen to adopt a program called REACH.

What Is REACH?
The term REACH or Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, and Restriction of Chemicals is a regulation that has been put in place to help protect both human health and the environment by making companies provide proof of which chemicals they are using during manufacturing and final products.

Compliance With REACH
In order for companies to become compliant with the REACH regulation, they must identify and manage all risks that may be associated with the products they use during the manufacturing and marketing process.

If there are chemical substances that pose a threat, companies must demonstrate how these chemicals can be safely used and companies must also clearly communicate risk management measures to all users.

If there are extremely hazardous chemicals being used, companies are being urged to substitute the dangerous chemicals with chemicals that have proven to be less dangerous on both the environment and human health.

Which Substances Are Considered Dangerous?
A list of dangerous substance or chemicals has been created. This list is called the “Candidate List of substances of very high concern for Authorisation,” or SVHC for short. Substances which are considered dangerous can be found in an easy to read table at the following web address: This information is provided freely to both consumers and manufacturers alike.

Brown Metals Company and Reach
At Brown Metals Company, we do not manufacture any of the products we sell. We are a distributor who also provides other important services such as shearing, edge contouring and slitting. We have contacted all of our vendors and they have determined that products sold to Brown Metals Company for distribution do not contain significant amounts of chemicals or substances located on the SVHC. Because of this, our products are considered compliant with the regulations put in place by the European Union.


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